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As a forward-thinking product designer with over a decade of experience in tech, my expertise lies in forging functional UX designs that seamlessly integrate user experience with UI aesthetic appeal. Additionally, my services expand to include 3D design, complementing either the provided UX and UI designs or standing alone as a separate offering.

Upon specific requests from clients, we can take our collaboration to a deeper level by diving into the building of strategies, and co-creating refining concepts that resonate with the brand’s vision and goals.

Situated in beautiful Maribor, Slovenia, I collaborate with clients from all over the world. At the moment my main projects flow from the East Coast of the United States and Europe.


My work

Over the course of my career, I had the privilege of gaining invaluable experience in many different areas as well as meeting and working alongside extremely talented people with world-changing mindsets. Explore the highlights of my portfolio below.


Discover, preserve and tell your life story


Autobiographer is a tool that helps you discover, preserve, and tell your stories by exploring this universe. An uncharted realm, as vast and profound as the cosmos, lies within each of our minds. Billion of neurons, trillions of connections, and the memories that interlink them all coexist inside this world that we call inner space. 


Making spaces better places to live, work, and visit


Latch produces smart access systems for buildings. Their products include smart locks and access control solutions designed for residential and commercial properties. They aim to modernize access to buildings, making them more secure and convenient through their technology. Latch’s mission is to make every building better.

Nova KBM

Slovenia’s best mobile banking app

Nova KBM

mBank@Net is an online bank that empowers people, businesses, and entrepreneurs to effortlessly conduct transactions with their NKBM personal or business account, offering convenience anytime, anywhere. The app is tailored for smartphones, but also compatible with tablets for seamless accessibility to your finances.

My services

The primary focus of my work lies in Product Design, closely followed by other design subtypes.